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Loan Rates

Our loan rate is 10% per MONTH

Our loan rates are the cheapest in Melbourne!

We also offer a low rate of 5% for loans over $20,000

Don't pay rates of 35%


Call us now (03) 9376 7467

Cash paid on the spot for all loans!

                                                     Please note on bulky items a small fee may also apply to cover storage.

Example Loan Costs

Below is an example of the cost of your loan


Borrow Costs Repay










Our loans are for a minimum of 7 days and up to a maximum of 12 months.


What we lend against

The main items we lend against are jewelry. For example: diamond rings, watches, scrap gold, bullion, chains, bracelets etc. We have a broad knowledge on a variety of items such as vintage guitars, high end camera equipment, coins and stamps, as well as all the latest tech products including iphones, macbooks, ipads, samsung products etc. 


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