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334 Racecourse Rd

Flemington VIC 3031


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Welcome to Get Smart Loan Company

Established 1989 in Flemington

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Get Smart Loan company is a Melbourne based Registered Pawnbroker we buy sell and loan against items of value such as gold, diamonds, jewellery and watches.

Our loan rate is 10% per month

Loans over $20,000 at 5% per month 

Don't pay rates of 35%!

In some circumstances a bulky  item fee will apply.

Example Loan Costs

Below is an example of the cost of your loan


Borrow Costs Repay










Our loans are for a minimum of 7 days and up to a maximum of 12 months.




Give us a call TODAY to discuss your loan! 

We do the loans the others won't 


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Call us now (03) 9376 7467 Cash paid on the spot for all loans!